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The benefits that come along with a Lifestyle Membership, far surpasses what most other membership provide. We Include 24/7/365 LIVE Member Support.


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Entertainment Benefits

One membership covers the entire family for their enjoyment. Travel, Live TV, Movies. Discount Dining, Hotels, Parks, Shopping, Concerts, Events, More.

get updates and extended benefits

You will have at the push of a button, all of your Lifestyle Benefits and resources to assistant you and your entire household with just ONE membership. 

Lifestyle Mobile membership

We are the first to combine Lifestyle Benefits with Family Entertainment and Unified Communications. Giving members the best of the best!

Access From Multiple Places!

No matter where you are, members can access benefits and services, by phone, laptop, tablet, or television.

Not Yet Living a YAFI Lifestyle?


Please visit the primary YAFI website for details and sign-up options to become a Lifestyle Member today! 

Lifestyle Members do it together!

The strength behind the Lifestyle Membership, is its access to various levels of services and benefits, greatly reduced cost because of the group buying power that exist between the collective power of our members. 

John Doe
John Doe
Jenny Doe
Jenny Doe
Sanny Warth
Sanny Warth

sponsers & partners

Sponsors are Lifestyle Affiliates who have an active Bundle cycle. We include for each Sponsor, a 90-Day Marketing Campaign, designed to boost momentum with your fundraiser, or new revenue for your business.

contact & reach us!

We are available with 24/7 LIVE Member Services to answer all questions, support with services, shopping and more. 


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